Feb 4, 2023 | The Barn at Upcote, Wedding Photography Blog

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“My husband and I would highly recommend Karl as a wedding photographer! We wanted fun, informal, action shots and were delighted with the huge selection of photos he sent us – they captured the day perfectly. He caught all the best moments while being incredibly subtle and professional on the day.”

The Barn At Upcote Wedding Photographer

The whole day took place at The Barn at Upcote, a beautiful Cotswolds venue. It was a glorious sunny day, and the scenery, animals, and wildlife provided a wonderful setting. The ceremony took place in the barn, and it was an emotional and joyous affair.

After the ceremony, the guests spent the rest of the day and evening enjoying the outdoors. They played games, took photos, enjoyed drinks and simply relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company.

In the evening, the guests gathered in the barn for a dance party. The music was loud and the dancing was wild.